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Green Valley Lake is a small, beautiful valley hidden in the mountains between Running Springs and Big Bear Lake, California.  It first was used as a campground because of its many natural springs.  Developers, connected with the Bank of America, founded the valley and built a dam to provide a lake for water service and recreational purposes.  Lots began to sell in 1926.  Some lots were as narrow as 25 feet, supposedly for camping purposes.


The Green Valley Mutual Water Company is a mutual company, incorporated under California law June 5, 1926.  The purpose of the company is to produce, distribute and supply, to the best of its ability, water for domestic purposes to its stockholders who must also be property owners in Green Valley Lake.  Originally, some of the drinking water was to come from the lake but taste soon gave the impetus to have spring water produced by converting some of the springs to wells.


One section of the valley known as Green Valley Park was served by the Green Valley Park Mutual Water Company which had its own spring.  As its water supply fell behind the water needs of the area, Green Valley Park Mutual Water Company merged with the Company in 1982 so that the entire valley is now served by Green Valley Mutual Water Company. 


The majority of the wells are gravity-flow horizontal wells in the mountain side.  There are also vertical wells which require pumping the water into the distribution system.  Over time, the vertical wells have been deepened and other wells have been drilled.  Weekend needs often exceed safe storage amounts and water must be purchased from the supplier of Feather River water, Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water Agency (CLAWA).  The Phillips-Mull 500,000 gallon water storage tank, completed in 1995, will provide much of the storage needs. The Water Company continues to seek ways to augment local supplies and reduce dependency on outside sources.


The company is chartered to provide water service at the lowest cost commensurate with good business practices.  Current costs as well as reserves for depreciation and expansion must be met out of income.  The company is expressly prohibited from making a profit.  Revenue is derived from two sources.  First, is the charge for water service and water used.  The second source of revenue is in the form of assessments against capital stock.  Stock in the Green Valley Mutual Water Company is restricted to ownership of property at Green Valley Lake.  Each lot is entitled to one share of stock and this stock must be transferred to the new owner with transfer of ownership of the property.  Each share of stock is entitled to one vote (either in person or by proxy) at a stockholders meeting.  Annual stockholders meetings are held during the month of May.

The business of the company is conducted at regular monthly meetings of the Board of Directors.  This board consists of nine members who serve without compensation for a term of three years.  Each member must be a stockholder and may not serve two consecutive terms.  Three new members are elected each year to replace those whose terms have expired.


At the time the Water Company was first formed, a mutual water company was restricted from providing recreational services.  A group of property owners was organized to handle the needs of the valley as far as use of the lake for recreation was concerned.  Unfortunately, it was hard to hold the group together and find the funds to support the activities.  Then the operation and use of the lake was leased out for many years, but fish kills from lack of oxygenation and other difficulties with the company managing the lake caused stockholders to complain that they had lost control of their lake.  Now restrictions regulating mutual companies have changed, although many controls remain, the Water Company has the right to direct the use of the lake. 


We hope the Green Valley Mutual Water Company and its shareholders find as much joy and beauty in the future as it has in the past.

Our Mission

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our Green Valley Mutual Water Company in Green Valley Lake community. Our staff and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect positive changes. Our team provides solutions that make a long-lasting difference within the Water Company in Green Valley Lake.


If you would like to receive a copy of the company By-Laws, please contact the office for the request. A printed copy can be provided at cost of $0.50 per page, or a digital copy may be provided at no additional cost.

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