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Fee Schedule

Click below for a full fee schedule of Green Valley Mutual Water Company.

Billing Schedule

Green Valley Mutual Water Company bills all shareholders on a quarterly system. This system is billed in arrears for the Monthly Service Connection Fee and Assessment.

The second and third quarter billings include water consumption for the periods between meter readings. The water bill for the first and fourth quarters are for the service connection fees and assessment only and does not include water consumption.


Water consumption or usage is billed after water meters are read in June and October of each year. A multi-tiered system is used to and designed to aid in water conservation practices.

  • A Tier-One base of 0-6,500 gallons power month is billed at the Tier-One level.

  • A Tier-Two level is billed for water used between 6,500 - 15,000 gallons per month.

  • A Tier-Three level for water used above 15,000 gallons per month.


An assessment is levied on the shares of the corporation each year. The purpose of the assessment is to generate revenue to fund the Capital Improvement aspect of the budget each year. The assessment is billed to all shareholders and not just those who receive water service. 

The use of the assessments is for maintaining company assets, water storage, water distribution and large expenditures not covered in the day to day operations aspect of the budget.


STOP & WASTE VALVES: A fine of $250.00 shall be imposed on any property where a leak has occurred as a result of improper use, installation, or non use of the stop and waste valve.

METER TAMPERING: The meter in the meter box is for Water Company use only, not for the use of homeowners.  A meter tampering fee of $150.00 will be charged if you use the Company’s meter to turn your water off or on. If you need your water turned off for any reason, contact the Water Company Office by calling (909) 867-2912. After office hours, calls are answered by an answering service.  A service man can be paged to promptly respond to your water emergency.

WATER SHUT-OFF PROTECTION ACT: Please use the buttons below to view our Policy on Discontinuation of Residential Service for Nonpayment.

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