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The Board of Directors for Green Valley Mutual Water Company consists of nine directors, all of whom serve a voluntary three-year term. The board receives no compensation for their held positions. Three directors are elected annually by ballot at the Annual Shareholder's Meeting in May. Only a shareholder may be elected to serve on the Board.


For any questions or concerns, please contact the office or send an email to

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact the Water Company office. 

2023 Board of Directors

Ira Leader, President (2022-2025)

Steve Christman, 1st Vice President (2021-2024)

Steve has owned property in Green Valley Lake since 1978. He has been involved on the Board of Directors since 1992, and was the founding treasurer of GVL Recreation, Inc. in 1995. During his numerous terms on the GVMWC Board of Directors, he has served as President, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President.

Richard Vouga, 2nd Vice President (2021-2024)


Scott Burger, Secretary / Treasurer (2023-2026)

Kit Kjelstrom, Director (2023-2026)

Kit’s time in Green Valley Lake began in 2003. In 2006 he built a home and lived in GVL full-time from 2009 – 2015. Kit holds a BS from BYU-Hawaii in mathematics, an MS from the University of Utah in Civil Engineering/Structures, and an MBA from CSULA in Finance. As a semi-retired Licensed Structural/Civil Engineer, Kit has spent 40 years working in the construction materials industry (concrete, asphalt, mining) engineering structures, laying out process plants, and permitting plants and mines.

Ed Gray, Director (2022-2025)

Shayla Antrim, Director (2023-2026)

Shayla grew up in the Inland Empire and moved to the mountains as a full-time
resident in 2003. She has lived in Green Valley Lake since 2017, in the log cabin
built by her husband and his father. Her children grew up in the Rim of the World
Unified School District.

In her early years, Shayla served as a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical
Technician and was later hired on by CDF as a seasonal firefighter. Shayla works
full-time as the Administrative Specialist of a nearby water company. She provides
support to the General Manager/CEO, District Clerk, and the Board of Directors.
Her position has provided her with extensive knowledge and experience in the
water industry, specifically in the areas of the California Public Records Act, the
Brown Act and board meeting processes, public transparency and outreach, and
records management. Shayla is a State of California Disaster Service Worker, a
certified First Aid & CPR Responder, a licensed HAM Radio Technician, and Notary

Shayla is excited to be serving on the Board of GVMWC and genuinely appreciates
the opportunity to represent the Shareholders.

Kathleen Eiler, Director (2023-2025, appointed in 2023)

Bruce Bridenbecker, Director (2023-2024, appointed in 2023)


Lake & Clubhouse

Kit Kjelstrom

Ed Gray

Bruce Bridenbecker

Finance, Policy, & Communications

Scott Burger

Richard Vouga

Kathleen Eiler

Community Relations

Shayla Antrim

Kathleen Eiler

New Installations & Operations

Steve Christman

Kit Kjelstrom

Bruce Bridenbecker


Richard Vouga

Shayla Antrim

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